‘Vampire devices’ cost UK households £147 a year

UK households could save an average of £147 per year by switching off so-called vampire devices.

Vampire devices are electronics that drain a surprising amount of power even when they are on standby.

British Gas research indicates households in the UK are spending £3.16bn annually just for the privilege of leaving vampire devices on standby.

This equates to £147 a year for the average household - the equivalent of two months' electricity charges.

As long as devices are plugged in at the wall, they are slowly drawing power.

Smart speakers, laptops, internet routers all cost to keep plugged in.

It may be convenient to leave the television on standby and wake it up with a press of a button on a remote - but it costs £24.61 per year, the research suggests, plus a further £23.10 for a set-top box, such as from Sky or Virgin Media.

Games consoles on standby work out at an average of £12.17, while computers could cost about £11.22.

And there's more:

  • Microwave: £16.37
  • Shower: £9.80
  • Washing machine: £4.73
  • Printer: £3.81
  • Phone charger: £1.26

*Taken from the BBC website - to read the full article - please visit the website link*