TV Licensing - Scam Awareness

TV Licensing has started sending letters to anyone aged over 75 asking them to either pay for their TV licence or apply for a free one. These will include your licence number, your title and your last name and they will only ask you to pay using the following options:

  • By post using the address TV Licensing, PO Box 578, Darlington DL98 1AN
  • Online at or
  • Over the phone on 0300 790 6151

If you are contacted and asked to pay for your TV licence using any other method, this is a scam, as are the following:

  • Anyone coming to your doorstep
  • Texts offering a free TV licence for a year and asking for your bank details
  • Emails claiming you owe money to the TVLA and to go online to pay it. Some emails also state you could go to court if you don’t pay.
  • Letters supposedly from Television Licensing saying your details need updating because there is a problem and asking you to go online to enter them.

If you’re unsure about anything, you can call TV Licensing on 0300 303 9695 to speak with someone who can help.