About Time Credits

Time Credits strengthen and build communities by engaging those who may not normally get involved in their local area. They also encourage people to be involved in different ways, in order to add a new dimension to their lives (and the community) by volunteering.

Time Credits are a way of 'thanking' people for any time that they choose to give.

The below 'drop down' sections answer some frequently asked questions about Time Credits:

How does it work?

For every one hour of time that an individual gives to a community focused project (in the West Norfolk Time Credits network), they will receive one Time Credit (worth one hour). This can be used to access a variety of different services or activities within the local community.

Who can earn Time Credits?

Almost anyone can earn and spend Time Credits. People who cannot earn Time Credits are those who are expected to give their time anyway, as part of the conditions of their employment. Or those on a course where there is a compulsory volunteering element. 

Where can I earn Time Credits?

Throughout West Norfolk there are a lot of different organisations where you can give your time in exchange for Time Credits.

You can view a list of Earn and Spend opportunities by clicking here.

Where can I spend Time Credits?

You can spend your Time Credits at any of the partners that we have on board. You can view a list of Earn and Spend opportunities by clicking here.

How can a group or organisation join the Network?

We welcome interest from West Norfolk-based community groups or organisations that would like to use Time Credits to:

  • thank the individuals who give their time to support them
  • engage with more community members

If you are interested in developing a Time Credits programme please refer to the details on the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolks Time Credit's pages by clicking here.