The London Drawing Group

The London Drawing Group is a collective of three contemporary female artists currently practising in London. Although our practices are individually varied and our approaches diverse, we are brought together by our shared love of and passion for drawing.

Our Ethos

Our aim as a collective is simply to get more people drawing, making, connecting and engaging with art. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and creating an approachable artistic community through our accessible and affordable art classes. We genuinely believe that art is for everyone, and through working to break down contextual barriers with our innovative methods of teaching and creating, we hope to make drawing approachable to everyone.


In this strange old time that we’re all living through, LDG are doing our best to bring you our usual brilliant content through the new (for us!) mediums of webinars and online classes.

From Drawing Mindfulness to our amazing Feminist Lecture series, we've got a class that will keep you creative! All levels welcome, check our events page for one-offs and stay updated by subscribing to our mailing list

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