Circle Dance in Dementia

Circle Dance in Dementia is a training programme, provided by Dementia Pathfinders Community Interest Company, for staff in care homes or day centres, community groups, Local Authorities and the NHS, and for community musicians and dancers.

Circle dancing developed from traditional folk dance from around the world. Music and dances from the circle dance repertoire have been simplified and adapted for both seated and standing dance. The touch, holding, swaying, and simple repetitive movements allow the participant to feel safe within the circle and provides an opportunity for expression and creativity. The dance also provides an enjoyable form of exercise and movement.

Circle Dance Training aims to enable staff to provide their own movement and music sessions for their service users. It offers the opportunity for a shared activity with partners, relatives and carers. It can be used in residential and day settings, assessment units, NHS and voluntary organisation groups with older people, people with learning disability, mental health conditions, and physical disabilities. It can be offered at care home social events, and Alzheimer's cafes. Each track on the CD provided with the training course can be used for standing and seated dance.