Computers 4 Carers

Caring for a loved one is often a lonely task because of the many hours spent caring, along with having little money or support. 
Carers Allowance is the lowest benefit there is, and there are many carers who do not even realise they are a carer.
Most carers are unable to leave the house due to not being able to leave the person they care for on their own, which can obviously leave the carer feeling isolated.  Because of this many carers feel depressed or have a lack of self worth.

We at Computers4Carers understand these issues, which is why our unpaid staff campaign to give the carer a window to the outside world - a free laptop, if they live in Norfolk and are in receipt of benefits and do not have any access to the internet.
The carer can then get shopping online, do banking, access services and find support but most of all make friends.