Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Emergency Grants

We provide grants to support people living with cystic fibrosis, or their parents, guardians, partners, children, family or carers, to meet the unexpected costs that can arise. These grants can help ease the burden of cystic fibrosis. Read on to find out more about the three types of emergency grant we can offer.

Transplant grants

When people have lung or liver transplants, or while being assessed for a transplant, they often have to travel to hospitals a long way from their usual specialist centre, or travel more frequently. You may need to go to a hospital at very short notice and need to get a taxi. Similarly families or carers may have unusual levels of travel, or need to arrange an overnight stay.

If this situation applies to you or someone you care for, you can apply for a grant of up to £250 to meet these costs.

Obviously, when you are going into hospital, you may not have time to apply for a grant. So you can apply for a transplant grant up to two months after your hospital stay.

Small grants

These are grants of up to £150 to pay for emergency needs. This could include things like:

  • Purchasing essential, smaller cost items, for example buying hypoallergenic pillows and mattress covers for a person with cystic fibrosis with allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.
  • Emergency household repairs, for example for leaks causing damp and mould.
  • Unexpected travel or other costs for informal carers, for example to look after your child if you have a long hospital stay.
  • Services like professional cleaning of a new home where the level of dust and dirt would adversely affect health.
  • Annual Prescription Pre-payment Certificate for people unable to meet their prescription costs.

When applying for these grants please let us know how much the goods, services or repairs are going to cost. You may need to estimate how much travel or carers’ costs will be.

You can still apply for a small grant after you’ve made the purchase, paid for the services or met the costs yourself, but please apply as soon as possible.

Funeral grants

Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient resources to pay for the full costs of funerals. We can offer a grant of £750 to help, which we can pay to the person organising the funeral, or directly to the funeral director if this is more convenient.


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