Financial Wellbeing Webinars for People affected by Cancer & other Illnesses

St Bernard Support (SBS), a charity that provides support and services to help people affected by illnessĀ are hosting online webinars on financial wellbeing matters for people with cancer and other illnesses, their families and their carers. These sessions will cover a range of financial wellbeing subjects and are specifically tailored to the requirements of people with life affecting illnesses.

Topics covered by the Webinars include Pensions, Welfare Benefits, Insurances, Wills & Lasting Powers of Attorney etc.

Special features include information about how people with life limiting illnesses can claim pension monies tax free (even before age 55) and how to protect monies intended for loved ones from banks and other creditors.

Please call or email should you wish to participate in our online Webinars. You can access our Webinars from the convenience of your own home.

10th January 2019 & 28th January 2019

Insurances 11am; Pensions 12noon; Wills, Trusts & Lasting Powers of Attomey 1pm; Welfare Benefits 2pm

8th February 2019 & 25th February 2019

Pensions 11am; Wills, Trusts & Lasting Powers of Attomey 12pm; Welfare Benefits 1pm; Insurances 2pm

8th March 2019 & 25th March 2019

Wills, Trusts & Lasting Powers of Attomey 11am; Welfare Benefits 12pm; Insurances 1pm; Pensions 2pm

12th April 2019 & 29th April 2019

Welfare Benefits 11am; Insurances 12pm; Pensions 1pm; Wills, Trusts & Lasting Powers of Attomey 2pm



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