Two Legs Four Legs - Canine Behaviour & Training

Two legs four legs is a small dog training company dedicated to the happiness and well being of dogs and owners alike based in and around Kings Lynn, Norfolk since 2008. We emphasise good canine behaviour, socialisation and exercise to ensure a healthy relationship between you and your dog.

Video Consultations

Up to 60 minutes of help and advice covering any problem behaviour you might be having. You will have the chance to ask lots of questions and if needed I can demonstrate techniques with my own dogs so you can see. This is great if you have a new puppy and want some help, crate or toilet training, puppy biting, teaching to let go of toys and beginning stages of walking on the lead. If you have an older dog with more problematic behaviours such, barking in the garden, lunging at dogs or possession issues getting started on changing their behaviour now will really help it not to become a way of life. Even if you just want to learn something new such as tricks, fitness exercises or gundog skills they can all be catered for.

Up to 60 minutes zoom or facetime call costs £15

1-2-1 Consultations

I have changed the structure of these to comply with social distancing. The first half of the session will consist of myself training your dog demonstraiting techniques and methods. During the second half you will take over and I will offer instruction and advice but will be unable too step in and assist if required. There will be a handover protocol in place which involves your dog being tied to something secure while I attach my own lead and disinfect with Leucillin (pet safe disinfectant). You will need to provide your own high value treats such as chicken or cheese. Hand sanitiser will be available for your use.

Outside Training 

I will be offing small group classes in an outdoor location with 5 dogs and owners strictly adhering to social distancing. The majority of classes will take place in a private field in Terrington St John away from other members of the public. The classes will run for 4 weeks and will cover all the basics of walking to heel, sit, down, stay along with some fun activities like basic agility skills.

*Details correct at time of update 01/07/2020



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