Ovacome..Ovarian Cancer

We provide a strong, supportive and knowledgeable community for anyone affected by ovarian cancer.

We provide vital support and raise awareness

Ovacome is the national UK ovarian cancer charity focused on providing support to anyone affected by ovarian cancer. This includes women who have either been diagnosed with the disease or think that they might be at risk, as well as their friends and family and healthcare professionals.

We are a strong community of many thousands of people, all working together with the aim of reducing isolation, sharing information, promoting knowledge and supporting anyone affected by ovarian cancer.

In 2017 we had just under 4,000 members and supported over 18,000 people.  

We provide a range of support services, including:

  • a telephone support line
  • a 24 hour online forum
  • face to face support groups
  • email support and an instant chat service
  • leaflets, resources and a newsletter, all packed with information that women with ovarian cancer need

We also run a highly successful UK Survivors Teaching Students programme, giving presentations and educating student nurses, doctors and specialists on signs, symptoms and experiences of women with ovarian cancer. We are the European representatives of this programme, which began in the United States.

Ovacome campaigns to help women and health professionals to recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and for high quality care and treatment to be available to all.

We run events and provide opportunities for those affected by the disease to get together and share their experiences.

We are not a campaign group or a research charity; we maintain a clear focus on support. Whether you would like to speak to us anonymously or face to face, we are here to support you in your times of need and we are committed to doing so in as many ways as possible