Early Intervention in Psychosis West Norfolk

At the Early Intervention team we support people from 14 to 65 if you are experiencing symptoms of your first episode of psychosis. Our support is intended to help you feel better and to reduce the impact of the symptoms. We aim to help you and your family understand more about the symptoms of psychosis and what treatments are available.​

Please call us yourself or get someone in your family to request support. We also accept referrals from other professionals, such as your GP.​

We aim to develop a good relationship with you so we can understand your experiences and how they impact your life. We aim to meet you wherever you feel comfortable and work with you to reduce any distress the symptoms are causing you. We talk about the impact of stress and develop positive coping strategies with you to help reduce future episodes of psychosis.​

We support people with psychosis. Symptoms include:

Hearing voices or seeing things others do not see
Feeling paranoid or mistrustful of others
Believing you can read other people's thoughts
Feeling confused, irritable or depressed
Not thinking clearly
Feeling worried that bad things may happen to you or other people
Believing you have special powers or are famous in some way.

There may be other symptoms of psychosis too.


Parent Organisation
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Where to go

Thurlow House
Goodwins Road
King's Lynn
PE30 5PD
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