One to One Project - Mentoring

Mentoring offers emotional support to assist you in achieving realistic goals that are set together with your mentor.

Our mentoring service is based in your home or local community and offers emotional support to assist you in working towards achieving realistic goals. Our mentors are a dedicated team of volunteers who travel across West Norfolk to reach those who cannot travel to us or who need support to reintegrate into their community. This could be due to emotional, geographical, financial or circumstantial barriers or because of debilitating anxiety that prevents you from leaving your home.

This service uniquely embeds support within your daily life, right where it is needed the most. It focuses on achieving goals, set by you, and is often experienced as empowering, giving you confidence to face your difficulties and to cope with life choices. Often it motivates further proactive steps towards recovery after the six months of weekly support.

Mentoring appointments are for 1 hour each week for up to 6 months.


One to One Project

Where to go

One to One Project
Nelson House
Bergen Way
North Lynn Industrial Estate
King's Lynn
PE30 2DE
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Open Times:

Monday to Wednesday - 9.00am-3.30pm

Thursday 9.00am-8.00pm

Friday 9am-1pm.