Home Shield Norfolk

Home Shield Norfolk is a cross-agency referral service for professionals who work with vulnerable people and their carers.

By using Home Shield, your agency or organisation can save time and money which may have had to be used to research issues and contact other agencies on behalf of the client.

Just complete a simple referral form and securely email or post it to Home Shield who will take responsibility for the case whilst you get on with your regular work.

Working in partnerships in this way can improve your efficiency, as Home Shield handles the administrative aspects of cases. Additionally, these partnerships can increase the chances of reaching vulnerable people who may need help and might otherwise miss out on beneficial services available to them.

Becoming a Home Shield Partner

If you are part of an organisation, and would like to use the scheme, you need to become a Home Shield Partner.

Download the partner details and agreement form, complete it and return it to us. You should also read our Home Shield Partner information leaflet for more information.

As a Home Shield Partner, you will have full access to the Home Shield scheme, including being kept up-to-date on any service updates and matters of interest in the county, invitations to any Home Shield events and you will receive a regular newsletter.




Where to go


Home Shield Norfolk can be contacted at County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2UD