Norfolk County Council - Downham Market Library

Opening hours

  • Monday: 8am-7pm (Open Library access only)
  • Tuesday: 8am-7pm (staffed 10am–7pm)
  • Wednesday: 8am-7pm (staffed 10am-7pm)
  • Thursday: 8am-7pm (staffed 10am-7pm)
  • Friday: 8am-7pm (staffed 10am-7pm)
  • Saturday 8am-4pm (staffed 1-4pm)
  • Sunday 10am-4pm (Open Library access only)

Open Library lets you access your local library, its books, computers and spaces even while the building is unstaffed. Just talk to a member of staff and they'll add the extra access to your library card.

If you just need to drop a book off out of hours, use the letterbox to the right of the entrance.  Please make sure that books drop into the box completely and aren’t left sticking out.

Computers can be booked online.

Services at Downham Market Library

  • Computer games – DS, Wii & Xbox 360 formats
  • Recorded music
  • Colour photocopier
  • Disabled person's WC
  • Automatic doors
  • Car park nearby
  • Babychange unit
  • CD Roms for sale
  • Spectacles for sale
  • Village Screen equipment pick-up

Services at all Norfolk libraries

  • Books for loan - information, education, leisure
  • Large print books
  • Language courses on tape
  • Information service
  • Book request service
  • Free computer access and WiFi
  • Self-service
  • DVDs
  • BBC Micro:bits


*Details correct at time of update 03/02/2020



Where to go

Downham Market Library
The Priory Centre
78, Priory Road
Downham Market
PE38 9JS
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