The Lady Bader Ambassadors

Lady Bader Ambassadors are a team of volunteers who tackle Social Isolation in Care Homes and the Community.

Our Ambassadors enable those they befriend to

  • rejoin groups of interest,
  • provide a listening ear or
  • reconnect to services
  • and offer vital companionship and emotional support.

It may also involve:

  • transport provision
  • and picking up medications or shopping

One-to-one befriending has been shown to reduce loneliness and has a modest but significant effect on depressive symptoms. Such regular one-to-one contact is particularly welcomed by people who are frail and housebound and can improve older people’s quality of life.

This will help to improve older people’s quality of life and reduce their reliance on more costly health and social care services.



Where to go


The Edith Ellen Foundation, 27-29 Old Market, Wisbech Cambridgeshire, PE13 1NE