Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance

The Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance (CSPA) is a membership organisation that advises and represents members if they have individual problems with their pensions. You can become a member of the CSPA if you receive a pension from the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme, from a similar pension scheme operated by a body such as a research council or other non-departmental public body, or from a pension scheme operated by a civil service trade union.

CSPA also has groups throughout the UK which combine campaigning on issues affecting pensioners with social activities and events. New group members are always very welcome.

The CSPA has a Norfolk group. If you would like to get intouch with this group, then please contact us on 020 8688 8418 or email and we will be happy to advise or help you.

*Details correct at time of update 27/09/2021



Where to go


The CSPA can be contacted at Suite B, Fourth Floor, Carolyn House, 22-26 Dingwall Road, Croydon, CR0 9XF