Stories of Lynn – The Exhibition

A timeline of objects immerses you into the history of Lynn. An exciting game teaches you about the Hanseatic League, a group of powerful trading towns and cities around the Baltic and North seas. Hanse merchants traded in Lynn, and their imprint on the town is visible to this day.

Lynn’s most celebrated characters, such as Frances (Fanny) Burney and Margery Kempe come to life on the walls, to share their stories with you.

Children can dress up in mayoral robes, and examine place settings of meals that Lynn’s mayors would have enjoyed in different eras of history- some more lavish than others.

The Treasury is a dark and dramatic space designed especially to display King’s Lynn’s historic artefacts.

On display the King John Cup, a 14th-century drinking vessel, lavishly decorated in gilt and enamel; a very rare example of a secular medieval cup.

It is accompanied by the King John sword and silver maces; magnificent regalia still used to this day in King’s Lynn’s annual mayor-making.



Parent Organisation
Stories of Lynn – Museum and Old Gaol Cells

Where to go

Story Of Lynn, The Old Gaol House
Saturday Market Place
King's Lynn
PE30 5DQ
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