Anglian Water - Priority Services

Anglian Water's Priority Service Register (PSR) is completely free, and once signed up, a customer can stay on it for as long as they like. It can help a really wide range of people, with a wide range of practical support.

Who can Priority Services help?

-If you're experiencing life changes such as bereavement, divorce, job loss and recovering from hospital treatment

-If you receive home dialysis or any other form of automated medication 

-If you have young children 

-If you are blind or partially sighted, deaf, have a hearing or speech impairment

-If you or someone you care for has a physical impairment, or restricted mobility 

-If you or someone in your household is living with a serious or long term illness

-If you're living with a mental health condition

-If you have difficulty with understanding and communication

How can Priority Services help?

-Help with reading the meter If you find it difficult to read your water meter Anglian Water can find ways to help you.   -Bills sent to a friend or relative If you want Anglian Water to contact a relative, friend or carer about your water supply and/or bills, with your permission they will be AW's first point contact and will be able to contact them on your behalf.   -Password scheme You can choose a password for Anglian Water to use when we need to visit or contact you so you always feel safe.   -Bottled water (if your supply is interrupted) If there is a burst water main which means Anglian Water need to turn off your water supply a dedicated team will contact you and where needed deliver bottled water.   -Alternative ways of getting information Anglian Water can send bills in Braille, large print, Audio format or read them out over the telephone.   -Reassurance against bogus callers Anglian Water can confirm a callers identity to give you peace of mind that they are genuine by describing the person. We will also give you a code for the visitor to confirm.   -Knock and wait When Anglian Water call at your home, they'll wait outside for a much longer period of time after knocking to give you enough time to answer.   -Interpretation services (Language line, BSL) British Sign Language users can contact Anglian Water using a Sign Language interpreter, through the InterpretersLive! Service, provided by Sign Solutions. If English isn't your first language, you can ask for their language line service 03457 919 155 or if you prefer you can chat with someone online (look out for the Live Chat pop-up at the side of the Anglian Water website screen).   -Minicom Anglian Water offer a 24-hour text telephone service for customers with speech or profound hearing difficulties. If you have a Minicom unit Anglian Water can talk to you through a special keyboard. Call on 0800 917 5901. If you don’t have a minicom unit you can still use a text relay service via a mobile phone or other mobile device by downloading the Relay UK app.



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