Norfolk Assistance Scheme

The aim of NAS is to support independent living and help Norfolk residents in crisis situations where their needs cannot be met by other organisations. As the awards that we offer are grants they do not have to be paid back.

The types of Award that we offer are:

  • Grants for Items - To support independent living, the grant can be used, for example, to set up their home following a period of institutional care. The grant helps with the cost of essential household items which includes; cookers, washing machines, beds, table and chairs and more.
  • Cash Grants
    • Fuel (electricity and gas)
    • Daily living expenses
    • Child daily living expenses

The points required for successful application have been reduced. The scheme can therefore support a wider range of individuals and improve the daily living of a higher number of Norfolk people. This model has been designed to link in with Adult Social Services 1st conversation  (initial contact “How can I connect you to things that will help you get on with your life …….) and NCC Living Well (Norfolk County Council is committed to supporting vulnerable people, promoting and providing options for people to remain independent)

NAS Advisors provide a wrap-around service to support individuals throughout the application process whereby applicants and/or their support organisations through multiagency working are assisted with sourcing other items and ongoing support via signposting/referring to alternative organisations.

Applications are to be made via an online form which can be found at Individuals who wish to apply to the scheme but do not have access to the internet, can be supported by our dedicated NAS Team who will complete the application over the telephone via 01603 223392 option 5.


*Details correct at time of update 05/02/2020


Parent Organisation
Norfolk County Council

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