Council Tax Advisors

Council Tax Advisors are experts at solving council tax related issues, and enforcement by enforcement officers (bailiffs/sheriffs) on behalf of their clients.

We specialise in organising payment plans with councils and bailiff firms across the UK. We can often help you resolve disputes you face with bailiffs. As experts in our field in negotiating council tax repayments, we get our clients back on track by allowing them to deal with their council tax properly with the right impartial advice given.

Council Tax Advisors was originally a limited company, which charged a fee to mediate on behalf of clients. In September 2013, it was decided that Council Tax Advisors would no longer charge a fee to mediate on behalf of its clients and converted the limited company into a Community Interest Company (CIC), which saw Council Tax Advisors officially become a Not-for-Profit organisation. To further their commitment to this change Council Tax Advisors then became full members of AdviceUK.




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