Carers Matter Norfolk

Carers Matter Norfolk is the new support for unpaid carers across Norfolk.  There's lots of new and different types of support we're providing to carers, all of which have been created to be flexible around carer's lives and what matters to them.

Carers Matter Advice Line: listening, information, advice and guidance.

Community Support: face to face 1:1 support with a Carer Connector and Carer Support Volunteer in your local area.

The Pod: online carer community, chat with other carers, health professionals and people who wish to help, 24 hours a day.

Education and Training: training for Carers Peer Support Groups e.g. First Aid or Harm Free Care; county-wide events and Carers E-Learning Portal.

Counselling: mental and emotional health and wellbeing support, advice and ways of identifying coping strategies.

Carers Membership and Voice: membership to Carers Council, receive information and news on what's happening in your area and get involved.




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When is it on
Helpline open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturdays 4-8pm and Sundays 8am-noon