Volunteer Abroad Youth Programmes

Under 18 but still want to volunteer abroad? Look no further – we bring you volunteering abroad for under 18’s! GVI sends thousands of teenagers abroad every year through our specially designed under 18 volunteer projects. Youth volunteering opportunities overseas is an invaluable opportunity for high school students to gain hands-on experience and to immerse themselves in a new culture and environment. We have redefined volunteer work for teens with a strong emphasis on, not only on making a difference, but also on learning new skills and gaining knowledge through field experience. Volunteering abroad at a young age helps young adults gain a better understanding of the world, its problems and how they can be solved, and universities and employers see it as something that sets the individual apart from other applicants. Summer volunteer opportunities for teens also allow them a chance to receive the University Award by ASDAN, for partaking in one of our programs for 2 weeks or longer, which gives students an edge in their UCAS applications for university. Our voluntary work experience projects aim to give young adults (aged 15 to 17):

    • a perfect blend of volunteering,
    • cultural and language immersion,
    • skills training,
    • and adventure activities.

Details accurate at dae of listing 9/1/20


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