Norfolk and Waveney Mind Fundraiser Volunteer

Role Purpose

To help raise much needed funds to help our organisation provide high quality adult mental health services.

To help raise awareness of our services.

Provide opportunities for Service Users to engage with fundraising activities.  

All duties to be performed in line with the operational policy laid down by the Executive Committee.


Main Duties of Role

Tasks within fundraising can be wide and varied – typical duties could include

  • Assist at a planned fundraising event.
  • Plan and deliver an event in accordance with fundraising guidelines.
  • Publicise our organisations fundraising events as required and/or request sponsorship and prizes to enhance events.
  • Organise a store or street collection or participate in a collection ensuring all appropriate permissions and licences have been obtained.
  • Proactively seek new opportunities or funding pots to raise funds or awareness for Norfolk and Waveney Mind. 
  • Attend cheque presentations and thank supporters
  • To participate in annual supervision.
  • All duties to be performed in line with the operational policy laid down by the Executive Committee, which can be found in the Policy Manual kept at the project.
  • All duties to be performed in line with Health and Safety policy, to be found in the Health and Safety Policy Manual kept at the project.
  • To support the implementation of Norfolk and Waveney Mind’s Quality Management system and Equal Opportunities policy.


  • To be given an induction and training in the organisation of Norfolk and Waveney Mind, its structure and its expectations.
  • To be given clear guidelines and an induction of how much time is expected from them and who to report to.
  • To be given such information about a service user or job as is necessary to carry out activities.
  • To be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses as agreed during an introduction meeting.
  • Not to be expected to replace paid staff duties and responsibilities.
  • To have the support whereby they can share any concerns or emotions with a senior member of staff as appropriate.
  • The right to leave Norfolk and Waveney Mind if they feel no longer able to continue as a volunteer.
  • To be considered and have protection against injury/accident by liability insurance.

This is an outline of the volunteer’s role.  It is not intended as an exhaustive list and will change from time to time in order to meet the changing needs of Norfolk and Waveney Mind.



Contact Name
Parent Organisation
Mind - Norfolk and Waveney