GroundWork Gallery - Fragile Nature

This exhibition centres on the work of three women artists who have all developed practices using aspects of nature in the most delicate and sensitive way.

Paca Sanchez is a modernist. She organises plants, flowers, seeds, grasses in lines, grid-like formal arrangements, geometric patterns. There is a very satisfying strength and order to her work, yet it demonstrates above all how the properties of natural materials are dominated by their fragility. Paca is Franco-Spanish in origin and lives in Southern France.

Elspeth Owen lives and works just outside Cambridge, and makes the most egg-shell thin ceramic vessels, often part of installations which celebrate natural materials, journeys, women’s ways of life.

Lotte Scott is of a different generation and her work uses natural materials, such as charcoal, lime, soil, in a highly experimental way, enabling them to flow and express their properties freely, finding their paths in the gallery.


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GroundWork Gallery

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GroundWork Gallery
17, Purfleet Street
Kings Lynn
PE30 1ER
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Friday 28th June - Sunday 15th September
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Opening Hours during Exhibitions - 11am-4pm - Tuesday to Saturday