Royal National Institute of the Blind Reading Choices

RNIB Reading Choices is the largest Listening and Reading libraries in the UK for readers with sight loss. It offers a wide choice of fiction and non-fiction books in audio, braille, giant print and download for adults and children.

When you join the RNIB Library Service you'll have access to:

  • an online library catalogue
  • a wide range of high quality unabridged audio books, either as a digital download, on Daisy CD, or USB  professionally read and recorded.
  • a range of braille books including titles suitable for adult braille learners
  • giant print books in 24 point type allowing you to make the most of any remaining sight you may have
  • an extensive music library that includes braille music scores, giant print sheet music, and audio tutorial CDs if you wish to learn to play an instrument by ear
  • a free bi-annual magazine, Read On, packed with book reviews, author interviews and library news
  • New Books, a free bi-monthly listing of all new titles available from the library
  • support from RNIB's Reader Services Team including support for young readers, parents and teachers
  • if you are interested in doing research or finding out about the history of sight loss Heritage Services can help.