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Maggie and the Dragon

As a Community, Creative Arts and Wellbeing Café, our priority is to feed you good food nourish you and provide you with the tools that will keep your body, mind and spirit nourished also.

Community is so important as we are a tactile species; we need to see faces, to be around people and to earn from others to thrive. We are not a solitary being as without people we would wither...

The word community to us doesn't just mean our neighbours, or those on our street or friends from school, college, it's not immediate family but the new family that you create by joining clubs, going to the gym, starting a book group, by meeting like-minded people who share the same hobbies and interests or learning about a hobby/interest that a friend/family member/lover enjoys widens our community, our culture and our horizons.

Once a quarter we will be host FREE mixer events (networking) with a different theme for those new and old to the community to meet other wonderful people...

History is not made by those who did nothing and saw no one, but by those who opened their eyes and ears, stepped out of their doors to welcome others from elsewhere in to grow a diverse community...

Who to contact

Contact Name
01553 777159

Where to go

Maggie and the Dragon
Hanse House
South Quay
Kings Lynn
PE30 5GN
Last updated on 11/01/2018
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