Assist Trust

Transition and Progression Services for People with Learning Disabilities in Norfolk.

Everything that happens at Assist is aimed at helping people with learning difficulties to progress and move forward in their lives.

Assist provides transition and progression services for people with learning disabilities aged 18 and over, every week day, all year round. Apart from 1 week between Christmas and New Year, Assist is open for members to attend from Monday to Friday between 9am and 3.30pm.

Individuals supported at Assist have a very wide range of abilities. However, Assist charges the same rate for everyone attending (unless they require 1 to 1 support) as the same principle is applied to everyone. All members are supported to build steadily from strong foundations – in confidence levels, self-esteem levels and abilities to build good relationships – to gradually take on manageable amounts of responsibility and to become more independent in their lives. While these principles are generic, the groups and activities accessed and the plans for progress are individual to that person and are developed with their input every step of the way.

Information under “Facilities” gives more details about the sites in Norwich that Assist services are provided from and “Frequently Asked Questions” and “Activities” sections give more information about the aims and objectives of the services provided.

Assist provides services for around 130 people with learning difficulties in total at the moment.



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