Margaret’s Fund

Margaret’s Fund (UK registered charity, number 210615) is here to give assistance to women in the UK who are in need, and are in ill health. We are a charity and non-profit organisation helping poor and unwell women in the UK.

All applications for money from Margaret’s Fund must be made through a caring professional such as a Social Worker, a Registered Charity Worker or a Doctor or other Health Care worker. This means that you know your donation will be going to someone who has been carefully vetted – we only give money to people who have applied through Caring Professionals and who are genuinely in need.

We only give grants to women who are in financial need – and who are in ill health or suffering from a health-related problem. To assist you, here is a rough guide to how Margaret’s Fund normally helps successful applicants

For reasons associated with the history of the charity, we tend to favour these conditions in order of importance:

  • Women with TB.
  • Women with chest related or pulmonary illnesses.
  • Women with other illnesses.

Grants are made for:

  • aids for disability
  • extra comforts
  • convalescent holidays (holidays to recover from illness)
  • clothing
  • extra nourishment
  • extra heating

We will not help with the relief of debt, nor with hire purchase liabilities.

We help poor women with assistance such as disability grants, funding for electric mobility, for finance for medical equipment and so on.