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At Shelter, we’re often approached for help and support by people struggling to pay their energy bills, or facing debts with fuel companies. Thanks to a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust – solely funded by British Gas – we’re now able to offer one of the most comprehensive fuel poverty and debt advice service in the UK to help deliver this specialist support.

Through this specialist service, we have provided vital fuel poverty and debt advice to over 10,00 across the UK directly through the service since it launched in October 2013. The service is delivered by face-to-face advisers in Manchester, Norwich, Birmingham and Lancashire and 3 telephone advisers based in Sheffield to help make sure we are able to reach as many people as possible. Thanks to this funding, we have also provided fuel poverty and energy efficiency training to all our services staff to ensure all of our service users can receive this support however they come to Shelter.

Help from Shelter with your debts and energy problems:

You don’t have to have to be homeless in order to get help from Shelter. We’re also here for housing issues, and for many people, struggling to pay fuel bills or repay debts is a significant problem. We can provide advice and support to help you through these issues.

Shelter can help you apply for grants from trusts and foundations, including British Gas Energy Trust, to help you clear gas and electricity debts. You can also apply for grants to pay for insolvency fees, for essential household items, or to repair or replace a boiler.We may be able to talk to creditors and agencies on your behalf, and help you make the right decisions to get you back on track with your finances. And, Shelter can also provide debt and housing advice to help you avoid further problems in the future.

We can help you if:

  • you are struggling to pay your bills
  • it feels like your outgoings amount to more than your income
  • you’ve received letters threatening court action or debt collectors
  • you need help to negotiate a payment plan with creditors
  • you need help to challenge a debt
  • you have gas, electricity or water arrears
  • you have any other problems with your personal debts.



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