Wellbeing Service - Courses, Workshops and Online Webinars

Our Wellbeing services offer a range of courses and workshops to help you recognise and develop strategies to cope with the stresses and strains we all experience in life, mental health and emotional issues.

Our courses will help you learn relevant cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to help you break out of negative patterns and make positive steps forward. Different courses focus on unhelpful thinking styles, physical symptoms of anxiety and panic, and patterns of responding to thoughts and feelings that can keep us stuck. The strategies you learn will be useful well beyond the duration of the course to prevent and manage bouts of stress, anxiety and depression.

The Wellbeing Service also runs workshops focusing on some common long-term conditions like diabetes, coronary heart disease and chronic pain. These workshops are free to access but we would like to have an opportunity to talk to you first!

*Details correct at time of update 03/02/2020


Parent Organisation
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust