CSIS Charity Fund

The CSIS Charity Fund is an independent charity which works with partner organisations to help civil and public servants and their families get through tough periods in life. We also support the spouses of deceased policyholders of the Civil Service Insurance Society (CSIS) who may be facing hardship, and we’ve been doing that for more than 100 years. 

Though a charity in our own right, we’re closely linked to the CSIS, which is a not-for-profit personal insurance provider that is bound by deed to donate all of its annual profits to the CSIS Charity Fund. This has enabled us to make donations of almost £10 million in the past 13 years - completing a 'virtuous circle' by putting the money back into communities that need it most. 

We may be able to help you if:

  • You represent a charity which helps civil and public servants, and you’re looking for a donation
  •  You need information about support from the CSIS Charity Fund for the spouse of a deceased CSIS insurance policyholder

Help for spouses and other dependents of CSIS policyholders 

Ever since the charity was founded, the Fund has given direct assistance to a small number of widows and widowers of deceased CSIS policyholders. These grants may typically help with costs such as essential household bills, replacing white goods, and, in rare cases, to help clear debts.  Applicants must have their financial circumstances assessed and sometimes we refer cases to charities with which we have close working relationships, such as the Charity for Civil Servants. 

*Details correct at time of update 29/09/2021