Pensthorpe Natural Park - Pop-up Changing Places Family Weekend

Following recent feedback from a Norfolk mum who has four children with additional needs, for this weekend in the summer, we are trialling a Mobiloo (pop-up Changing Places facility).

There are over a quarter of a million people in the UK for whom a standard accessible toilet does not meet their needs. They either need a bit more space, or need to be able to use an electronic hoist or changing bench in order to go to the toilet. The choice facing such individuals and their families or carers is to simply stay at home, or to risk injury and infection by getting changed on a public toilet floor. Trialling a Mobiloo at Pensthorpe means people aren’t forced to make this choice. We are aware that standard accessible toilet facilities are not widely available and are seeking to be inclusive as well as considering permanent facilities as part of the longer term planning of our facilities.

It will be available with hoist, adult sized changing bench and all else you’d expect to find in a fully accessible toilet. It will also be fully attended. The attendant will be able to instruct potential users if they are unsure how the equipment works.

The Mobiloo will be here at Pensthorpe between 9am-6pm.



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Pensthorpe Wildlife & Gardens
Pensthorpe Road
NR21 0LN
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