Caring Friends for Cancer in Mid Norfolk

We understand the difficulties being diagnosed with cancer can bring.  We aim to help you overcome some of those diffculties by providing practical help, support and information.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, to help you, we provide the following services.

Arrange transport to take you to medical appointments.

Collect prescriptions and shopping.

Stay with you during an appointment to provide a second set of ears to make sure vital information is not missed.

Sit with you during your chemotherapy treatment.

A selection of mobility aids to help you.

We provide home visits and telephone befriending.

Social gatherings.

Caring for someone with cancer can bring challenges.  We are here to listen and provide practical help.

If you are caring for someone with Cancer, to help you, we provide the following services.

Telephone befriending.

Home visits for respite care.

Social gatherings.


If you are bereaved.

We understand that one of the most difficult things about losing a loved one is the isolation that comes with the complete change of life.  Suddenly the person you shared so much with is no longer by your side.  Caring Friends for Cancer is here to try and fill some of the gaps in a social life, providing somewhere to chat over a coffee.


For anyone affected by cancer or bereaved we provide the following services.


Complimentary therapies. Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.

Telephone befriending and home visits.

Organised weekly and monthly coffee mornings.

Organised monthly bingo evenings.

Summer garden party.

Craft fairs.

Christmas lunch.

Various trips and outings.