The Connection Project

The Connection Project is a space to connect with yourself and others, to explore how you interact with the world, how you view yourself, your body, your mind, your belief patterns. Often, we are conditioned by limiting beliefs about ourselves that say we cannot do this, are not good enough, flexible enough, strong enough, aware enough... Here, we want to give you the opportunity to challenge those patterns and find new, healthier ways of Be-ing to benefit not just yourself, but those close to you and your community as well. 

​The Connection Project is a CIC (Community Interest Company) offering programs and subsidised classes and therapies to vulnerable members of the community and those who may not always be able to afford to partake in yoga, holistic therapies, talk therapies and creative expression. Money you spend on our classes, therapies and workshops is recycled into the company to help give more people the opportunity to benefit from all that we offer. So every time you are helping yourself by coming along, you are also helping others in your community.

*Details correct at time of listing 01/03/2022



Where to go

28, Bridge Street
King's Lynn
PE30 5AB
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