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Friends Against Scams - Call blockers for people living with dementia

Nuisance and scam phone calls

We all receive unwanted phone calls. They are a nuisance, but they also put us at risk of being scammed and this risk is even more acute for those who are living with dementia. The National Trading Standards Scam Team (NTS Scams Team) have secured government funding to provide free call blocking technology to protect those in the most vulnerable circumstances from nuisance and scam calls.

What is the call blocking technology being offered?

NTS Scams Team is working alongside trueCall to provide "trueCall Secure" units to people living with dementia. For more information about the unit please visit and watch the short animations.

If you are eligible for a free call blocker, it will be installed and set up by a qualified engineer who will show you how to manage the units' settings. Once you receive a unit, it will become yours to keep and the NTS Scams Team will not be asking for it to be returned at any point. There is no cost to the user for the unit; however, we recommend that the "caller display" service is activated on the user's phone line for the unit to perform at its best.

One month after installation you will be contacted by a member of the NTS Scams Team and asked to complete a short survey to assess how effective the unit has been at blocking nuisance calls and how you feel about nuisance calls since receiving the unit. The NTS Scams Team will contact you again, three months after installation, to carry out another survey.

How the unit works

When a call arrives, the trueCall box checks the caller's number. If it is a trusted caller then it allows the phone to ring as normal, but if the caller isn't recognised then trueCall acts as a personal assistant by intercepting the call and asking the caller to identify themselves. This process blocks around 95% of unwanted calls without the phone ever ringing. If you want even more protection, the trueCall unit can completely block calls from unrecognised callers with a useful message asking them to hang up and call the carer if their call is important. These devices plug into the existing phone and phone line and work alongside and broadband or lifeline/pendant devices that are already installed.


Call blockers are available for people living with dementia who are receiving unwanted calls.

To find out if you (or someone you know) is eligible for a free call blocker to be fitted, please click HERE to start the survey (stage one of the application). Please note we have a VERY LIMITED number of units and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Who to contact

Last updated on 06/11/2017
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