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Faro Lodge Respite Service

Faro Lodge provides a respite careĀ serviceĀ and short break support in times of crisis such as illness or other emergency situations. The property is a six bedroom unit, four of which are equipped with an overhead hoist system. The property also has a large accessible back garden.

Staff are trained to provide personal support such as, helping with finances, medication, special diet requirements, socialising and getting out and about. Pre-assessments are completed in advance to ascertain the level of support required and additional needs such as one-to-one or two-to-one support can be provided if necessary. Referral is via a social worker and self-funders are also accepted.

Who to contact

01553 679233

Where to go

Faro Lodge
Galyon Road
King's Lynn
PE30 3YE
Last updated on 06/03/2017
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