The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House - Day Therapies

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Dependent on your individual needs and situation we can offer a range of groups and interventions. These are designed to enhance your quality of life, manage your symptoms and promote independence.

For anyone who has a diagnosis of life-shortening condition, such as cancer, COPD or heart failure.

Symptom management including managing breathlessness, pain, anxiety, fatigue or other symptoms

Advance Care Planning discussions which may include DNACPR, completion of the ’Thinking Ahead’ documentation

Emotional, social, psychological and spiritual support through one-to-one consultations or an appointment with the carer’s assessor

Physiotherapy to maximise physical function and promote physical fitness through one-to-one sessions or exercise classes

Occupational therapy which focuses on promoting independence through active goal setting

Wellbeing sessions through creative therapy groups and relaxation techniques

Complementary therapy including reflexology, Indian head massage, aromatherapy, gentle touch massage and therapeutic massage

Companionship through social groups and peer support

Palliative social worker offering advice or support

To find out more you can contact us through the coordination centre on 01553 668 526

*Details correct at time of update 09/02/2021


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