The Harbour Centre - Sexual Assault Referral Centre

The aim of the service provided at The Harbour Centre is to empower and support victims of rape and serious sexual assault including penetration where specialist workers can inform you of your options and assist you in making your own decisions about your care.

At The Harbour Centre, our staff are experienced in working with people who have suffered sexual violence. We can offer you an environment of safety and support to help you in your recovery.

Who is The Harbour Centre for?
Anyone in Norfolk who has been raped or a victim of serious sexual assault, at any time in their life, can come to The Harbour Centre. Women, men, young people and children can all attend.

Do I need to talk to the police when I visit The Harbour Centre?
Our staff will guide you through the options available to you regarding police involvement. However, if at any time you decide to talk to the police, staff at The Harbour Centre can arrange this for you.

If you decide that you don’t want to talk to the police, we can still offer you follow on support which will be discussed with you by the staff at The Harbour Centre.

The Harbour Centre is committed to providing a caring, sensitive and dedicated service which meets the needs of victims of rape and serious sexual assault within Norfolk.


Contact Name
Sexual Assault Referral Centre
Contact Position
The Harbour Centre

Where to go


You can use the service at The Harbour Centre if you have an appointment, so you must phone us to arrange this. All you need to do to make an appointment is phone 01603 276381, Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Or you can request a referral from a Professional, i.e GP, Support Worker etc.

The Harbour Centre has a 24 hour helpline number 01603 276381 where you can talk to a Crisis Worker day or night.