TripStart - an exciting new transport initiative for Breckland from Kickstart

Building on the vision of the recent launch of Breckland for Jobs, Kickstart Norfolk, together with their partners the Department of Work & Pensions, Breckland Council and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), want to help these hard to reach individuals to unlock their potential to gain meaningful training, work experience and/or employment.

TripStart Breckland will provide a 7-Seater Minibus Service and a skilled Information Advice and Guidance Support Worker to provide relevant 1-2-1 support to help people address and overcome their complex barriers to employment, build their self-esteem, confidence and motivation so they have every opportunity of moving forward with their lives. Participants will be provided with a transport service until they are confident enough to plan and carry out their own travel route.  Thereafter, support will be provided by both the Support Worker and Communication Officer via telephone. Face to face support will be offered where and when required.  The TripStart Breckland Transport Scheme will be made available to everyone aged 18 and above, who reside in the Breckland area and are either unemployed or economically inactive.  Once a potential client has been identified there are 4 referral routes that can be used to access TripStart Breckland:

1. Self-Referral or Multi Agency Referral sent directly to Tripstart Breckland

2. Kickstart Norfolk refers individuals to Tripstart Breckland

3. Jobcentre Work Coach refers the indivual to Tripstart Breckland

4. Self-Referral or Multi Agency Referral sent to Jobcentre for referral to Tripstart Breckland

For more information contact TripStart on the details provided.



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