Eastern European Pink Osprey in Heacham

The Eastern European Pink Osprey (Orientis Europae rosea alietum), has for the first time chosen to nest at the Heacham Chalk Pit - in a position overlooking its feeding grounds of the Wash. Ornithologists from around the country are flocking to see this momentous occasion, which the experts predict could become an annual event, as once the birds have secured a location and have successfully bred, they are likely to return year after year.

Whether an egg is present in the nest is not known at this time, but visitors hope to catch a glimpse of these magnificent birds fishing just off shore for their favourite diet of Sea Trout and then watch it feeding any new hatchling. Sea Trout apparently gives the birds their pinkish hue in the same way shrimps and brine flies do for flamingos.


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Heacham Chalk Pit
Chalk Pit Road (Off A149 Lynn Road)
Kings Lynn
PE31 7JE
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