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Classes running on Zoom at this time - Nov2020

Tai Chi Chuan is part of the traditional Chinese arts of keeping fit, self-defense and improving one's physical and mental well being. It is usually known in the west as simply Tai Chi. Taiji means supreme, ultimate; quan (chuan) means martial arts.

It is an art suitable for people of all ages, all level of physical fitness. Whether it's for self defense, health and fitness, and stress and relaxation management, there is something one can benefit from.

The way we move and breathe, stand and walk and even sit, can have a positive effect on our general health. There are very few of us today who do not spend much of our time feeling tense. The hectic pace of modern living and lack of exercise leaves us tired and exhausted.

You need some form of exercise that gently and steadily relaxes the body, and most importantly refreshes the mind. You need to be able to develop your spiritual and emotional resilience so that you can put the demands of life in proper perspective and not to be overwhelmed by them.
Furthermore, conventional exercises only build muscles and bones but lack or have little strengthening effects on the internal part of our body. An exercise is needed to develop physical and mental, external and internal health of our body. As a highly beneficial daily health care program best known for its unique body and mind relaxing, stamina building, internal as well as external health enhancing effects, Tai Chi can help you achieve well-being and balance in your life.

Because it is a low impact activity, there is very little risk of injury and even people who find other forms of exercise difficult may be able to practice Tai Chi. Everyone goes at their own pace and only does as much as they can. This makes it a good option if you haven’t exercised for a while or want to build up slowly after an illness. You don’t need any specialist equipment, just loose-fitting clothes and an open mind. It may look easy, but you’ll need to be dedicated and understand that you only get out as much as you put in.

It’s good for strength, balance and flexibility. There is an emphasis on posture as you go through the sequence which releases any tension in your spine and takes the pressure off your back. The gentle stretching involved the movement from leg to leg, and the lifting and rotation of hands, arms and legs will all help to loosen joints and keep them flexible as well as stretching the muscles.
Practicing the sequence improves coordination and remembering all the moves certainly helps keep the mind active, and this is where you’ll really notice the difference. As you direct your mind to focus on the moves, you will find you have screened out all the distractions of the outside world and your mind will clear. After just one session most people feel less stressed and more relaxed, many find they sleep better and are more able to cope with whatever life throws at them.

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