Downham Market Community Fridge

Community Fridges are communal places where surplus food is shared between people in a community, by local businesses and individuals.

The average UK household wastes £810 a year by throwing away food and drink which could have been eaten and £3 billion is wasted by food sectors. Despite growing awareness of food waste, there are few easy ways for people or businesses to get food near its ‘use by’ date to others.

Downham Market has launched  a Community Fridge at the Old Fire Station, Priory Road.

The fridge will be open three days a week: every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm to enable residents and businesses to share surplus food for free. Anyone can help themselves to free quality food that would otherwise have been wasted.

Among the first businesses looking to contribute to the scheme, by donating a selection of unsold goods, are Morrisons, Tesco and Greggs in Downham Market. It is hoped that other local food businesses and retailers will also make use of the Downham Market Community Fridge.


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Downham Community Fridge
Discover Downham, The Old Fire Station, 30
Priory Road
Downham Market
PE38 9JS
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