The Well Head Centre

The Well Head Centre is a registered charity which exists to give time and space to those who are facing emotional crisis, for example those going through 'life crises' such as divorce, bereavement, anxiety, stress, a feeling of hopelessness, having nowhere to turn or no one to talk to. We also offer this facility to those who are caring full-time for family members and need time-out from their current situation.

The Well Head Centre is run by a team of dedicated volunteers who are on site 24 hours a day bringing love, compassion and offering a listening ear to the Centre's guests. All guests are referred to us by a professional working within the community (e.g. doctor, nurse, health visitor, community support worker, Pastor of a church or someone in a pastoral role within the church).


* Details correct at time of update - 21/01/2020


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Centre Manager

Where to go

The Healing Rooms, 12
Manor Lane
PE10 9PQ
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