The Drinks Trust

We provide vocational, practical, emotional and financial support to those who are currently working, or have worked, in the UK drinks industry.

We define the drinks industry as any part of the supply chain including, but not limited to, production, distribution, marketing, import, export and sales of alcoholic and adult non-alcoholic drinks within the UK. In practical terms this means anyone who has worked in pubs, breweries, bars, distilleries, off-licences and warehouses or in an office-based role at a company producing, distributing or selling drinks.

Eligibility Criteria:

Two years working in the drinks industry (or 4 years part time)
A current resident of the United Kingdom

Each case is considered on an individual basis upon receipt of the application form and employment history, and subject to either a visit or call from a Welfare Officer.


The Drinks Trust helpline was set up in 2017 and remains a core service to the drinks industry. The Drinks Trust will be looking to help more people with increasing calls to our call handlers and where necessary, refer them to therapists for counselling. This will also enable more people to seek the vital mental health support they may otherwise not be able to access owing to the lack of availability on the NHS and the prohibitive cost of private care. Now our helpline is 24/7.

*Details correct at time of update 01/12/2020



Helpline open 24/7