Choose Me Not A&E - Your Healthcare Choices in West Norfolk and Wisbech

If you become unwell or are injured it is important to choose the right NHS service to make sure you get the best treatment.

Demand on health care continues to grow and can lead to long waiting times in A&E departments. There are many alternative options for treatment if your condition is not life threatening or an emergency.

If you are unwell or injured there are many treatment options that may be more suitable than a busy A&E department. For minor injuries and illnesses you might be able to look after yourself at home. If you need help urgently but it is not an emergency, your local pharmacy, GP or the NHS 111 service can help. If your illness or injury is serious but not life threatening you can get medical help at a minor injuries unit or walk in centre.

Remember you should visit A&E or call 999 for serious or life-threatening emergencies only.

This website has been created to help people in the West Norfolk and Wisbech areas make the right choice to get them well. For more information on your healthcare choices, as well as local NHS services and bank holiday pharmacy opening times, please go to the website.