Tourette’s Action Befriending Service

What is the Tourettes Action befriending service all about?

Are you unable to access a local support group or prefer to communicate with others on a one-to-one basis? This is where our volunteer befrienders can help.

Many families and adults have told us that they would like to be able to email or telephone another family member (mother, father, grandmother)  or adult to talk candidly about their experiences with someone who understands, who has been through similar experiences.

All of our befrienders are volunteers and receive high quality training with regular supervision. Our befrienders offer informal support and a listening ear through a trusting and empathetic relationship by email and/or telephone with you. Successful befriending relationships help to reduce isolation and provide information, understanding and mutual friendship.

Many people may feel lost, socially isolated and stressed following a diagnosis of TS or whilst navigating the health system to seek a diagnosis. They may be distressed about living with Tourettes or managing it within a school or work environment. Our volunteer befrienders can play a part in helping reduce all of these feelings and to help you or family to move forward.


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