Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company

The Lavender Hill Mob Theatre Company welcomes everyone no matter what their age or abilities and no audition is necessary.

Everyone is respected and encouraged to take part, no matter how small their contribution is. Most of its material is original, giving the adults and children a chance to pursue their own talents, or to develop talents/skills that some didn't know they had. Some of its members choose not to perform, but take an interest in the more technical side of productions.

All its performances include sign language (BSL) where appropriate and older members are encouraged to do extra training, such as first aid and sign language, in order to teach the younger members.

The company meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5.00pm - 8.00pm at Crossroads Day Centre, King's Lynn.




Where to go

Crossroads Day Centre
Grimston Road
Kings Lynn
PE30 3HU
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Office Contact:

5a, St. James Street,
King's Lynn,
PE30 5DA

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When is it on
5pm-8pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday
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