Ormiston Families - Services for Children and Young People

Ormiston Families is a member of Norfolk & Waveney’s Children and Young People’s Alliance, which provides integrated mental health services to children and young people aged 0-25. The Alliance includes the CCG, Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust and MAP, and is committed to the principles of the THRIVE framework of Getting Advice, Getting Help, Getting More Help and Risk Support.

Our emotional wellbeing service, based in our Norwich Hub, offers professional mental health support to any child or young person, aged 4 – 14 years, living in Norfolk or Waveney or registered with a Norfolk or Waveney GP.

We offer sessions in a variety of venues in your local community or, where appropriate, in your own home. Sometimes, it’s useful if intervention sessions are held in school.  If you think you may have problems accessing any of our venues, let us know and we will try to find a solution.

The Link Project

The Link is designed to maximise the impact of our Point 1 service. It does so by providing advice, support and training to adults who work with children and young people aged 0-18 across Norfolk and Waveney.

The adults we work with learn how to competently and confidently identify and recognise mild to moderate mental health problems and how to best direct the young people they are working with to find the support they need.

*Updated 15/07/2021


Ormiston Families