Community Transport Association - Volunteer drivers needed!

If you enjoy driving and have some spare time, you could be just the person your local community transport organisation is looking for.

Thousands of people across Norfolk rely on volunteer drivers to help them get out and about and do everyday things that most of us take for granted. A simple trip to the shops or a routine appointment at the doctors can be complicated, if not impossible, for some people without the support of a volunteer driver.

If you don't fancy driving but would still like to help many of the community transport operators need enthusiastic and proactive trustees, committee members, coordinators and passenger assistants. You may also have special skills or experience which a community scheme is crying out for - skills such as financial, legal, IT and marketing expertise are always invaluable.

Community Transport Association (CTA) is an umbrella organisation for local community transport groups. To find out more about the work of CTA, the role of its trustees and about current volunteering opportunities, visit the website below.



Where to go


The Norfolk Community Transport Association can be contacted at Room 326, County Hall, Norwich, NR1 2SG

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