Freedom from Abuse

Freedom From Abuse teaches parents and carers how to protect their children from sexual abuse – and how to stop it before it happens.

About Freedom From Abuse

Freedom From Abuse is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which exists to prevent child sexual abuse.

Marilyn Hawes, founder and CEO of Freedom From Abuse, has been delivering training and educational programmes in schools and other settings, to teachers, parents, carers and children themselves since 2004.

Our reputation as outspoken advocates and experts in all aspects of child abuse prevention has led to increasing number of interviews in mainstream media, including the press, TV and radio, both nationally and internationally.

Our message in these appearances is, as ever, that child sexual abuse can be prevented – if you know how to spot the signs, follow your instincts and act on what you see.

Our work is supported by an extensive team of ambassadors whose high public profile enables them to take the Freedom From Abuse message out to the wider world.

Surviving – and thriving

We also believe that people who have survived abuse can, with the right kind of support, overcome the terrible traumas they have experienced and go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives. In other words they are able, not only to survive – they can thrive.

We therefore focus giving people the knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent, recover and thrive.


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